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What is the point of using a physiological ph?

The vaginal wall is lined with vaginal flora. It is 95% composed by Doderlein’s Bacillus that protect the vagina from infections caused by pathogenic micro-organisms.

The vagina is protected if ph acid is maintained at around 4.5, this stops the proliferation of a large number of pathogenic genes.

Doderlein’s Bacillus produce lactic acid, which maintains a 4.5 acidity and provides a self defense system. However, defense is not invincible and can not protect from all aggressive germs.

That is why, it is important to use phs that respect physiological ph because ph that is too acid (inferior to 5) or too gentle (superior to 4.5) alters vaginal flora and therefore enables the growth of eventual pathogenic bacteria or mycosis.

Sérélys® Vaginal Gel may be used safely as it moisturizes while respecting vaginal flora thanks to its 4.5 physiological ph.