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What is the recommended Sérélys® treatment duration?

I have been taking 1 Sérélys tablet everyday for the past 4 years. My questions are the following: May I take Sérélys® continuously, as I am delighted that I no longer have a swollen tummy, nor breast tension, nor mood swings, nor hot flushes?
I stopped taking the tablet 5 days ago and all the discomforts have reappeared. What do you advise? Can I take the tablets everyday? For how long? When should one stop? Thank you for your help.


There is no time limit regarding Sérélys® treatment. You can safely take the product for several years.

However, once you stop the treatment, there is a strong possibility that the discomforts recur, until the end of the menopause. If you start to experience discomfort again, we advise you to restart treatment.