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Are sérélys® tablets effective? Are there samples?

Several friends have told me about the effectiveness of your food supplement Sérélys®. Against discomforts linked to the menopause. I am 50 and started the menopause a year ago, I am suffering from an awkward sense of fatigue and night sweats. In order to try your product, would it be possible to send me a sample of Sérélys®


Dear Madam,

Your friends are right: Sérélys® is the only 100% non hormonal product, with a proven efficacy, phytoestrogen free (soya, flax, hop, red clover…), beta-carotene free, with no hormonal action.

What is more, tolerance is excellent with a proven track record of over 15years..

2 tablets per day for at least 2 months. You can renew treatment as much as you like. Sérélys ® is available in chemists.

You can ask your gynecologist for advice and a 7day sample. However, seen as the active ingredient contained in Sérélys ® is natural, it needs time to be effective. An initial two-month treatment is fundamental to take advantage of its benefits.