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Can Sérélys® vaginal care be used in relapse cases?

I had bacterial vaginosis 6months ago and it keeps coming back.

Can Sérélys® Vaginal Care be effective on relapses?


Bacterial Vaginosis is normally treated with antibiotics.

Even if these sort of treatments are efficient, relapses are recurrent. At 4 weeks there is a 30% relapse rate and 82% beyond 3 months.

Sérélys® Vaginal Care is enriched with lactic acid, with a 3.8 ph buffer, in order to rebuild a physiological vaginal ph which favors the maintenance and the development of a balanced vaginal flora. Sérélys® Vaginal Care also contains a prebiotic, lactoserum which is rich in lactoferrin: a natural antifungal. Lactoserum provides nutritional elements that are easily assimilated by the vaginal lactobacillus flora. The combination between prebiotic and antifungal action prevent bacterial vaginosis relapses and help to fight against outbreaks of mycosis.

Scientific research shows that by using 3 single-doses 3 days per month during 6 months, 83% of patients no longer suffer from relapses.

Sérélys® Vaginal Care is an efficient solution which treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis relapses.