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Sérélys Pharma® Laboratories have developed specific complexes called PureCyTonin®. This active ingredient stems from a unique patented biotechnology developed by  Sérélys Pharma® Laboratories. The manufacturing process extracts the active part of the pollen grain (cytoplasm) from its rigid shell.

The envelope that contains the pollen grains is the main support for the pollen’s allergenic substances. Sérélys’s extraction process enables to remove this envelope. In this way, PureCyTonin® complexes are obtained.


PureCyTonin® complexes are purified and standardized pollen cytoplasmic extracts. They contain the necessary active ingredients to prepare Sérélys® tablets. A rigorous inspection is permanently carried out at every manufacturing stage. In addition to purity, bacterial and fungal quality controls, each purified extract obtained contains a standardized quantity and quality of active ingredients. Our production unit meets the strictest international standards called G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice). The biotechnology of PureCyTonin® complexes is produced by the phytoextraction of purified extracts, selected according to their active ingredients.

Extracted from rigorously selected plants and cultivated under strict control, they have been extensively tested and are the sole patented property of Sérélys Pharma® Laboratories.


Under very specific conditions, Sérélys® technology is able to obtain innovative phytoterapy ingredients: PureCyTonin® complexes. A specific extract standardization enables a perfect reproducibility between each batch. Thanks to Sérélys® technology it is now possible to master and select the specific properties of these active ingredients.


Therefore, Sérélys® biotechnology extracts the best of nature.


PureCyTonin® complexes contain numerous active ingredients such as:

  • rutin
  • prostaglandins
  • amino acids
  • vitamins

The plants that are used to produce PureCyTonin® complexes (purified pollen cytoplasmic extracts) do not contain phytoestrogens that can be endocrine disruptors such as soya, flax, hop, sage, cimicifuga, red clover etc…