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Are sérélys® tablets effective? Are there samples?

Several friends have told me about the effectiveness of your food supplement Sérélys®. Against discomforts linked to the menopause. I am 50 and started the menopause a year ago, I am suffering from an awkward sense of fatigue and night sweats. In order to try your product, would it be possible to send me a…

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What is the point of using a physiological ph?

The vaginal wall is lined with vaginal flora. It is 95% composed by Doderlein’s Bacillus that protect the vagina from infections caused by pathogenic micro-organisms. The vagina is protected if ph acid is maintained at around 4.5, this stops the proliferation of a large number of pathogenic genes. Doderlein’s Bacillus produce lactic acid, which maintains…

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Apply morning or evening?

Hello, Regarding Sérélys ® Vaginal Care, is it best to apply at night before going to bed, or in the morning? Best Regards Response It is best to apply at night before going to bed.

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When should one use Sérélys® vaginal gel?

I occasionally use Sérélys® Vaginal Gel as a lubricant, is it possible to use it daily? Response Sérélys® Vaginal Gel moisturizes and lubricates while respecting vaginal flora thanks to its 4.5 ph. Sérélys® Vaginal Gel may be used as a lubricant : one single dose per day, or as a moisturizer : one single dose…

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Can Sérélys® vaginal care be used in relapse cases?

I had bacterial vaginosis 6months ago and it keeps coming back. Can Sérélys® Vaginal Care be effective on relapses? Response Bacterial Vaginosis is normally treated with antibiotics. Even if these sort of treatments are efficient, relapses are recurrent. At 4 weeks there is a 30% relapse rate and 82% beyond 3 months. Sérélys® Vaginal Care…

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What is the recommended Sérélys® treatment duration?

I have been taking 1 Sérélys tablet everyday for the past 4 years. My questions are the following: May I take Sérélys® continuously, as I am delighted that I no longer have a swollen tummy, nor breast tension, nor mood swings, nor hot flushes? I stopped taking the tablet 5 days ago and all the…

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Is it possible to take Sérélys® after having had breast cancer?

As part of anti-cancer treatments, discomforts linked to the menopause (including hot flushes) are common. Sérélys is hormone and phytoestrogen (plant hormone) free. Several studies have shown: that its action mechanism is non-hormonal that is does not activate estrogen receptors (ER alpha and beta) that it does not increase cancerous cell (breast) proliferation Therefore, Sérélys®…

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