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Your questions

How long does it take Sérélys® tablets to be efficient?

Seen as each woman is different, the necessary time needed to notice Sérélys tablets first results varies from one woman to another, it can take between 2 weeks to 2 months. The recommended dose is two tablets per day, morning or evening. The first signs of improvement generally appear after the 1st month of treatment…

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Is becoming dependent on Sérélys® possible?

Can I continue to take Sérélys® all the time, as long as I have hot flushes which could be more numerous if I stopped… For the moment, I have no side-effects, but is accustoming by body to this food supplement not risky and could it have a harmful effect? Response Sérélys® has been used since…

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Do Sérélys® tablets contain gluten?

Sérélys ® does not contain gluten (constituted by proteins) Response Sérélys® does not contain gluten (constituted by proteins) Gluten is the insoluble protein fraction which is extracted from certain cereals, for example wheat or rye and to a much smaller extent barley. It is mainly constituted by two proteins: gliadin and glutenin. Maltodextrin, which is…

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